Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Published in the Good Life Conneseur Magazine!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for voting for my painting "Familiar Road" in the Good Life Connoisseur art contest, and for sharing it with your friends and family! I am so honored and thrilled my painting had the most votes and won the contest and my artwork has been published in the Good Life Connoisseur magazine! I am over the moon!!!! It has been a big dream of mine to see my art in a magazine and you all made it happen! Thank you so so much!!! Below is my spread in the magazine, click here to view the publication online.


The 23 finalists art was auctioned off raising $13,000 for Operation Rainbow Canada! An amazing success! Thank you all so much!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Ten Pounds Of Aftermath"

This is my piece for the "Ten Pound Show" put on by the Fort Gallery Artists Collective. I had a really hard time settling on an idea and this came together at the last minute, in fact it was still wet when it went up on the wall! I really wanted to stick to or at least incorporate my style while using ten pounds of a material. It was so much fun slapping all this paint on here! The piece measures 36x36" and was painted with acrylic, liquid leaf and resin onto wood, and is very heavy! The resin covers parts of the paint on the palette and a spill from the jar, giving it a wet look. While debating what to do for this show I remembered something from studying Shakespeare "A play within a play"... And thus came the painting within a painting showing some of the aftermath and mess that I have to clean up when I've finished a painting :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Ten Pound Show - Fort Gallery Artist Collective

This show is going to be awesome!! I have heard bits and pieces of materials artists are using and I am so excited to see 200 pounds of creativity!! Show opens tonight 7-9pm at The Fort Gallery in Fort Langley. Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Port Moody Arts Center Show - Original Art

Here are a few of my original paintings that are currently on display at my show at the Port Moody Arts Centre :)

"Tulips" 30x30 acrylic, liquid leaf, gold leaf on canvas

"Our Home" 24x24 acrylic and liquid leaf on wood with resin.

"Uncontent" 24x36 acrylic and liquid leaf on wood with resin.

"Willow In The Rain" 18x24 acrylic and liquid leaf on wood with resin.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Commission Painting "Flooded Skies"

This is a commission painting I finished last week. It is acrylic and liquid leaf on wood with resin, I called it "Flooded Skies". I have to admit I had a hard time letting this one go, I really love it :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Whispers Of Hope" by Denise Cunningham

My friend Denise Cunningham just published her first book "Whispers Of Hope". It has already reached #1 Overall Best Selling Book in Canada! Congratulations Denise!! The book launched March 1st, I ordered my copy and am so excited to read this inspiring book that has also reached #1 in the following categories: Spirituality; Motivational; and Health, Mind & Body. To order your copy click here

"Whispers Of Hope" by Denise Cunningham
Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce To Embrace Peace. Whispers of Hope is the inspirational story of one woman who overcame generational patterns of abuse, addiction, suicide, and cancer. The turning point in her life happened when, despite her intent to not repeat the past, she caught herself screaming at her three-year-old daughter. Something made her stop long enough to look into her daughter’s eyes and see fear. At that moment Denise made a conscious choice to do something different. She told herself, “The abuse stops here.”

For more information and to order your copy visit:

This Friday March 11th Denise will be doing a complimentary book signing! For more info click here.

About Denise:
Denise Cunningham, BA, RPC is a registered professional transpersonal counsellor, an energyhealer, sacred group/retreat facilitator, and an inspirational speaker. Her career in the healingarts has spanned two decades and her journey through a life threatening illness gave her arenewed perspective on living that she incorporates into her work. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters who are her greatest teachers.
In life and in work Denise leads with her heart in providing a compassionate healing space of safety, acceptance, and respect. She has had the ability to see into the very heart and soul of people since she was a little girl. Denise holds the sacred Truth she sees in others, and reflects it back to them, until they are ready to see it for themselves. Her vision is to co-create a more peaceful, loving, and harmonious world by helping people to create more peaceful, loving, and harmonious lives.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Show at the Port Moody Arts Center

I am really excited to be having a show at the Port Moody Arts Centre! I would highly recommend checking it out for the Wearable Arts Awards Exhibition that is going on at the same time. Breath taking pieces with materials that will blow your mind! Really! Its incredible :) And maybe check out my work too ;)