Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Ten Pounds Of Aftermath"

This is my piece for the "Ten Pound Show" put on by the Fort Gallery Artists Collective. I had a really hard time settling on an idea and this came together at the last minute, in fact it was still wet when it went up on the wall! I really wanted to stick to or at least incorporate my style while using ten pounds of a material. It was so much fun slapping all this paint on here! The piece measures 36x36" and was painted with acrylic, liquid leaf and resin onto wood, and is very heavy! The resin covers parts of the paint on the palette and a spill from the jar, giving it a wet look. While debating what to do for this show I remembered something from studying Shakespeare "A play within a play"... And thus came the painting within a painting showing some of the aftermath and mess that I have to clean up when I've finished a painting :)

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